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Armed gang robs French security van

Armed gang robs French security van
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An armed gang has attacked and burned a security van in the French city of Marseille before making off with several million euros. The assault happened in broad daylight and was caught on camera.

The men are seen transferring the money to a car. It’s thought they made off with up to seven million euros.

No-one was injured but the gunmen fired at a police vehicle which arrived on the scene; several other cars were hit by bullets.

“Several Kalashnikov magazines were used against security guards, witnesses and policemen,” said Roland Gauze, judicial police director in Marseille. “So stop talking about an ‘experienced team’, they’re dangerous madmen.”

Police fired back; its not known whether any of the robbers was hit. Investigators say the attack was similar to another robbery near Marseille in January, when a gang escaped with an estimated haul of five million euros.