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Gulf residents despair over oil spill

Gulf residents despair over oil spill
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BP has abandoned its latest attempt to end the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Efforts to plug the leak with mud and waste material have failed, delivering another massive blow to the region.

A relief well is being drilled but will not be ready for at least two months. For many Louisiana’s reputation as the sportsman’s paradise is now well and truly over.

Recreational fisherman, Jimmy Marinello says: “I’ve been fishing the marshes in Shell Beach and Hopedale since I was three years old and the more wildlife I see die everyday is heartbreaking.”

Others believe BP is experimenting at everyone else’s expense.

“They need to collect more professional, more people from around the world, not just the United States, to solve this problem. And they need to spend more money,” said Turkish visitor Cem Cetinkayak.

BP’s next option involves placing a cap over the leaking pipe, an operation expected to last four days. But once again, there is no guarantee of success as the procedure has never been conducted at such depths before.