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Aid ships head for Gaza and trouble with Israel

Aid ships head for Gaza and trouble with Israel
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Several ships carrying 10,000 tons of aid for Palestinians have set sail for Gaza, despite Israeli warnings that they will be intercepted.
The fleet with hundreds of people on board had been anchored off Cyprus waiting for repairs and for more activists to join. 
The organisers say the aid includes prefab houses, electric wheelchairs and medical equipment.
Israel and Egypt closed Gaza’s borders three years ago to stop Hamas from re-arming.  Israel says the shipment is unnecessary and provocative.
The fleet now on its way has been co-ordinated by pro-Palestinian organisations and a Turkish campaign group.
While people in Gaza prepare to receive the aid, Israel has set up a camp to detain activists and says it will distribute the cargo through approved channels.
Israeli naval commandos have been holding drills to practise boarding and searching the ships.
The organisers say the aid is simply meant for people who desperately need it and accuse Israel of violating international law.