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MI5 faces inquiry over London bombings

MI5 faces inquiry over London bombings
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Could Britain’s security services have done more to prevent the London suicide bombings of July 2005?

That is the question MI5 agents and police will have to face at an inquest expected in October into alleged intelligence failures, following a coroner’s ruling.

MI5 has previously argued that investigating their role would endanger national security.

But relatives of the victims say questions must be answered to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.

“There is hope that finally the question – could 7th July have been prevented might be answered,” said Clifford Tibber, a lawyer for the victims’ families. “If it appears that the police and the security service did in some way fail – why did they fail? Could more have been done? Have lessons been learned? And will effective measures be put in place in the future?” he said.

Previous court hearings have revealed counter-terrorism officers observed two of the suicide bombers more than a year before the attack while investigating another militant group.

It was also disclosed last month that West Yorkshire police had one of the bombers’ fingerprints on file for 19 years before the attacks.

52 people died in the London suicide bombings, the worst peacetime attack on Britain’s capital.