Washington accuses BP of lack of transparency

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Washington accuses BP of lack of transparency

Washington accuses BP of lack of transparency
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One month after the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform exploded, oil is continuing to spew uncontrollably into the Gulf of Mexico.

Washington is becoming increasingly fed up with British Petroleum’s response to the disaster and has ordered it to provide more information about the spill.

BP has only just released real time footage of oil gushing out of the ruptured pipe after pressure from Congressman Ed Markey to show the American people what is happening.

“BP had stonewalled on releasing the video for 23 days and then only released it in dribs and drabs. This may be BPs footage of the spill but it’s America’s ocean,” said Markey, head of the House subcommittee on Energy and the Environment.

He has accused BP of conducting a science experiment in the Gulf of Mexico.

It comes as BP admits that more oil than initially thought is leaking from the ruptured pipeline.

Heavy oil deposits have begun to arrive in Louisiana, prompting fears of an environmental catastrophy in this delicate ecosystem.

Meanwhile the Environment Protection Agency says the British energy giant must use less toxic chemicals to break up the oil.

BP says it is managing to siphon off several thousand barrels of oil a day but satelite images released by Nasa shows the slick drifting south towards the Loop Current.

This could take oil to Florida, up the eastern US coast and even as far as Cuba.