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UK coalition govt unveils full policy plans

UK coalition govt unveils full policy plans
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The two parties in Britain’s historic coalition government have presented full details of the policy programme they have come up with, together.

Journalists reminded David Cameron and Nick Clegg that not all their respective Members of Parliament share the leaders’ enthusiasm for the alliance.

“Clearly, we are going to have to get used to a new world,” Prime Minister Cameron told a news conference to unveil the plans.
“It is a world of coalition. You can see in this document, how many things have been delivered from each of our manifestoes, but, yes, of course some things have to change, and that is a state of mind we have to get into and the whole party has to get into.”

Overcoming past policy disagreements, the Conservative premier and his centrist Liberal Democrat deputy have compromised. But for both men, cutting Britain’s record budget deficit is the priority. The main burden will be borne by reduced spending rather than increased taxes.

The government will also introduce a banking levy and rein in bonuses in the financial sector.