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Karzai meets key NATO allies

Karzai meets key NATO allies
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Afghan President Hamid Karzai has become the first foreign leader to meet the new UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Karzai stopped off in London on his way back from Washington, after a high-profile visit to soothe ties with US President Barack Obama.

Observers say the trip shows just how important NATO’s Afghan operation is to Karzai.

His administration has been criticised for failing to tackle corruption.

Many say this is hurting U.S.- led efforts to fight the Taliban.

Hurting is something British troops and their families back home are all too familiar with.

Almost 300 soldiers have been killed in action since the Afghan conflict began in 2001.

Britain is the second-largest contributor of troops to the NATO-led Afghan force, with 9,500 based mainly in the southern province of Helmand.

The previous Labour government was criticised for failing to provide adequate equipment for its soldiers.