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Cannes heat: how best to cruise the Croisette

Cannes heat: how best to cruise the Croisette
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The Cannes Film Festival has a reputation for glitz and glamour. Europe might be facing an economic crisis but here on the Croisette, ostentatious displays of wealth are positively encouraged.

Everywhere you look there are fast cars and beautiful women.

Wolfgang Spindler, Euronews correspondant, reports from the Cote d’Azur:

“The Cannes Film Festival is about more than just movies, its also about appearance, showing off is a must and for that you need a nice car, the bigger the better.”

“So how much would it cost to rent a nice little Bentley for the day?”

The answer to that question is a staggering 2,000 euros and even that price doesn’t include a driver.

Having found the perfect set of wheels, its time to cruise up and down the most prestigious boulevard in Cannes.

Wolfgang asked Cédric, the owner of a car-hire company, who makes up his main clientèle.

“Well there are the stars of course, and apart from that our clientel is mostly Russian. It has been quite quiet this year though,” Cédric told him.

For Wolfgang, it’s not just the price that put him off a glamour wagon, it’s also the traffic. Sometimes you can’t beat a good old-fashioned scooter to get you from première to première.