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New wave of EU fishery policy reform begins

New wave of EU fishery policy reform begins
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Reforming the European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy is under way. Informal talks discussion among the Fisheries Ministers began in Vigo, Spain. The 27 expect to conclude the negotiations within 15 months.

Maria Damanaki, the EU’s Fisheries Commissioner, said: “What we really need is an industry that founds its well-being on sustainable and environmental use of national resources.”

Public consultation results compiled by the European Commission are central for the talks.

Low stocks are making reform critical, notably for his country’s fleet, said this Spanish fisherman: “A fisherman sees no further ahead than from day to day. There’s times, like today, when there’s nothing, but we leave home anyway, hoping.”

Critics say the EU has already overfished its own waters and is plundering waters further away. They are insisting on fewer boats and marine reserves where no one would be allowed to fish.