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Final campaigning in UK general election

Final campaigning in UK general election
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As the countdown to Thursday’s UK general election begins, the main candidates have been squeezing in as much last minute campaigning as possible.

David Cameron made a whistlestop tour last night, travelling as far away as Northern Ireland. Speaking in Grimsby in the north of England today, the Conservative leader focused on voters’ main worry – the economy.

David Cameron said: “I think we have been winning some of the big arguments about the economy, about the need to stop this jobs tax coming in. But there is everything still to be done.”

Prime Minister, Gordon Brown made several stops during the day, including campaigning in his native Scotland. Trying to reach young voters, he held a question and answer session with students at Bradford University, also in the North of England, where he told people what their votes mean.

Addressing a large gathering, Gordon Brown said: “I believe that this election is not just a competition for votes, it is a contest for the values that we hold dear. It is about who we are, what we hope for, what we want for our families, what we want for our future.”

Eastbourne in the south east of England was the venue for a Liberal Democrat rally this morning. The Lib Dem leader urged voters to try a new type of government.

“This is your chance to shape the future that you want,” Nick Clegg said. “We have a once in a generation opportunity to do something different. Saying no to the old politics of the Labour and Conservative parties, making the same old promises, breaking the same old promises. This time we can do things differently.”

This election is still much too close to call and a hung parliament is a real possibility. However, it may all rest on the one third of voters still yet to make up their minds.