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A mixed response from voters in London

A mixed response from voters in London
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Following the polls can be a very confusing way of gauging support for the main parties in Britain’s general election. They all give different percentages to the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats and none of them point to a clear winner.

euronews reporter, Isabel Kumar,went out on the streets in London to see if she could have more success at gathering opinions.

One man was fed up with the two main parties: “I’m pretty disgusted with all of them really. I think give the smaller parties a chance. We’ve had all promises, and I’m going back a long way to Harold Wilson’s day. I’m fed up with the lot of them. They’re all lying, cheating rogues.”

Another man had already made his mind up: “I’m voting for David Cameron because I think he’s very active, he seems to be doing a lot. I think he’s very smart and I like the way he speaks.”

This woman was still undecided: “It’s confusing. I’m not sure about whether they are all telling the truth, so I’ll probably make up my mind tonight when I’m asleep.”

For the people on London’s streets it was business as usual. However, decision time is looming and so is the very real possibility of a hung parliament. While there is debate about who will win or lose, there are also questions about how a subsequent government will be formed, and for Europe and beyond, how credible such a government would be.