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Greek military marches against cuts

Greek military marches against cuts
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Greece’s military joined the long queue of the discontented yesterday as some officers marched through the streets of Athens to protest against the government’s new austerity measures.

They include 30 billion euros worth of economies including public service and pension pay cuts in return for a massive bailout from the euro zone and International Monetary Fund.

Feelings are running high in Greece. One naval officer said: “We will do it for our country. We will do it for the nation, damn it. But if I have to cut my bonuses, then let the members of parliament cut 50 per cent of their benefits. If I have to cut, let them cut half. Because we both have the same mouths to feed.”

Refuse workers also showed their unhappiness with the planned economic reforms – public sector employees are due to begin a 48 hour strike today with a private sector walkout on Wednesday.

Meanwhile Greece’s president has warned the government that it must stamp out corruption and promise to punish all those who have become rich at the expense of the Greek people, to have any hope of winning popular support for the cuts.