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UK leaders enter final stretch

UK leaders enter final stretch
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The main UK party leaders have been targeting key seats three days before what looks like being one of the closest elections for years.

Opinion polls suggest no party may get an overall majority.

Despite trailing in the surveys, Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labour Party could still win the most seats in Parliament.

David Cameron for the Conservatives has vowed to campaign through the night tomorrow.

While Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats have changed strategy, tackling areas they previously thought unwinnable.

Two opinion polls in today’s papers each put the opposition Conservatives a few points ahead in terms of the number of votes cast.

The Liberal Democrats are vying for second place with Labour, who’ve been in power for the last thirteen years.

Britain hasn’t seen a hung parliament since 1974. It’s become used to relatively strong governments able to impose their will in parliament thanks to sound majorities.

The prospect of parties having to seek coalition partners brings fears of weak decision making.

A hung parliament could unsettle markets who want decisive action to tackle the UK’s large budget deficit, though so far they’ve been taking the threat in their stride.