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Hungary's opposition set to win supermajority

Hungary's opposition set to win supermajority
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Hungary’s conservative opposition Fidesz party led by Viktor Orban look set to sweep to victory in a second round parliamentary poll. In first round elections earlier this month, Fidesz won more than half of the vote. With some 120 seats still up for grabs, Orban’s conservatives are tipped to be the first party to ever secure a two-thirds majority.
Another party out to gain seats at the expense of the ruling socialists is the far right Jobbik.

Weary of recession, Hungarians are expected to grant Fidesz a strong mandate following its promise, to create jobs, cut taxes and kick start the economy.

‘‘I will vote for Fidesz because the present government did not do anything, but they will act,’‘ one woman said.

‘‘The two thirds majority for Fidesz would be good for the economy, there are so many unemployed people. We had in our own family people without work for six months, it was awful. So the next government should create jobs soon,’‘ another woman said.

With unemployment currently running at more than 11 percent, the highest since 1994, economic growth and deep financial reform have been central themes during the campaign.

In addition to trying to reduce Hungary’s high public debt and unemployment if Fidesz obtains a ‘supermajority’ it will be able to change the country’s constitution and electoral system.

Euronews will have provisional results of voting tomorrow.