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Lib Dems continue to grow in popularity in the UK

Lib Dems continue to grow in popularity in the UK
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Ahead of tonight’s second televised leaders’ debate, a new poll shows support for the Liberal Democrats is continuing to grow. Results show the Lib Dems have doubled their projected vote share in Labour-held marginal seats in the UK general election.

Party leader, Nick Clegg was judged the best in the first debate: “I’m telling it like it is” he said. “When a politician tells you they’re going to promise all these things, and promise more open politics, and promise fairness, and promise better schools and hospitals, just ask yourself one question: why didn’t they deliver that over the last 13 years?”

Despite falling in the poll by six per cent since the first debate, it seems the Conservatives are not in danger of losing out to the Liberal Democrats in constituencies where it would do the most damage to their chance of winning the Labour seat.

Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, thinks the debates are important: “These debates are big events and you have got to do everything you can to explain to people, particularly at home, sitting watching the TV, why you would make a difference, what you’re about, how you would change the country. People are very depressed and fed up with politics at the moment and they need to be inspired. That’s what we have to do.”

Support for Labour has fallen by four per cent. The party may be hoping to use the second debate to regain some lost ground.

Euronews reporter, Seamus Kearney, spoke to Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, asking him what the Prime Minister should do.

“I think that we will continue to say that Gordon should be Gordon” replied Miliband. “The Prime Minister should continue with his very clear resolution, to stick to the substance, to not try any fancy tricks, and to stick to the strategy of setting out our positive vision for Britain’s future.”

Thursday’s debate will take place in the south west of England – near to where Brown is on the campaign trail in Wales.

The full Euronews interview with Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, will be shown on Friday night at 9.45pm CET.