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Volcano activity on the decrease

Volcano activity on the decrease
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The Icelandic volcano continues to spit out its ash though now, say experts, with less intensity. There is not as much force behind the eruptions that for five days shut most of Europe’s airports and ironically grounded one of Iceland’s foremost authorities on volcanos.

At Copenhagen airport Freysteinn Sigmundsson has been waiting to return home. He had been at a conference in Paris with other vulcanologists when the the volcano which he has studied closely erupted.

“The eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano is evolving. It has been changing charters and now we have less plum, less explosion activity and the lava plume forming phase may possibly be the next phase of this eruption,” he said.

How much this will effect the ash cloud which remains over the skies of Europe is also dependant on the winds. Stronger ones are predicted higher in the skies and that continues to make conditions uncertain.

The volcano was closely observed on Tuesday when a team of scientists flew over it. It has become more stable they reported but how predictable will the volcano that caught Europe by surprise prove to be?

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