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Volcano will not delay Polish President's funeral

Volcano will not delay Polish President's funeral
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Despite a volcanic ash cloud grounding planes across Europe, Poland insists the funeral of its first couple, killed in a plane crash a week ago, will go ahead.

It is feared the travel chaos could prevent world leaders from attending Sunday’s funeral, but
President Lech Kaczynski’s family have made it clear they want no delay.

Presidential Administration official Jacek Sasin said:
‘‘The scenario for changing the date of the first couple’s funeral, in any way, just does not currently exist. It is not being discussed. It is obvious the situation is changing. We have new information about the movement of the cloud coming in. But I would like all of you to take as a given that at this moment there is no discussion on moving the funeral date.’‘

President Obama and nearly 100 other world leaders are due to attend the funeral in Krakow in southern Poland and final preparations for the ceremony are ongoing.

Nevertheless, the decision to make
Wawel Cathedral the final resting place for the first couple alongside Poland’s kings, queens and other national heroes has proved divisive. Some Poles have staged noisy protests insisting Kaczynski does not deserve such an honour.