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Volcanic no-fly ban extended

Volcanic no-fly ban extended
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Thousands of flights have been cancelled across Europe after a volcanic eruption in Iceland led to the unprecented closure of airspace.
Planes are have been completely grounded in the UK, Denmark, Ireland and Norway.
Airspace in Sweden and Belgium is expected to be closed later on.
Air traffic to and from Finland, France, Germany and Spain has also been affected and 50 percent of UK-US flights on Friday have been cancelled.
Weather conditions mean a huge cloud of volcanic ash from the eruption is drifting south across the area from Iceland. This poses a danger to aircraft in terms of low visibility but also engine malfunction.
The cloud itself is 16 kilometres high but is expected to dissipate over distance.
British airspace will be closed until at least 1pm on Friday afternoon.
What’s unusual about this eruption is that it is blasting up through 200 metres of glacial ice.
This means the ash produced contains tiny glass-like shards – which can cause aeroplane engines to cut out.
Experts estimate it could take up to 48 hours for the ash cloud to clear.