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Mediterranean TV channel soon to be reality

Mediterranean TV channel soon to be reality
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The 17th gathering of COPEAM

The Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators convened in Paris to discuss broadcast opportunities in the region entitled the “The Challenge of Mediterranean”

Alessandra Paradisi is the Secretary General of COPEAM:

COPEAM feels the time is right for a new generation of broadcast output, something that will represent the current needs of the Mediterranean region which is gradually becoming more and more multi-ethnic.”

In 2006 COPEAM took part in a number of events organised by the EU, including cross cultural training for journalists and other areas, which focussed on the relationship between COPEAM and the EU.

European Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou:

“They are complementary, I think COPEAM and the Mediterranean can create the right climate for policy development and progress.”

COPEAM, presented three projects this year a TV channel for the Mediterranean, an Internet site on Mediterranean Audiovisual Heritage and the University of Mediterranean Audiovisual.”

Andre Azoulay is the President of the Annah Lindh Foundation:

“I don’t think in a north/south way, but I speak Mediterranean and it is an historic project for the Mediterranean Union.”

The TV channel is yet to be launched but the process is gaining momentum.

Ibrahim Sahin-Director General of the Turkish Radio-Television Corporation:

“Every project starts with a dream. Especially with multinational projects, it takes time to come off, but if they want it and the money is there. I don’t think it will take too long.”

Emmanuel Hoog is the President of COPEAM:

“ To be broadcast in at least three languages across the entire Mediterranean basin, we have developed several hypothesis, the low estimate is 20 million euros the high 70 million, there are variables depending on the number of languages, the number of daily programmes and the broadcast quality.”

In January 2010, a delegation of COPEAM presented the project of a euro-Mediterranean channel to representatives of the Mediterranean Union in Brussels. The next stop for the project in the long road to realisation is Barcelona in June.


“ The project has been in the pipeline since 1996, there are still questions to be answered before the dream of a Mediterranean channel becomes a reality.”