Kyrgyzstan interior minister reportedly killed

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Kyrgyzstan interior minister reportedly killed

Kyrgyzstan interior minister reportedly killed
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Unconfirmed reports out of Kyrgyzstan say the interior minister has been killed.

This as a state of emergency is declared, amid violent demonstrations in the capital.

Earlier reports said at least five people had died in clashes between anti-government protesters and riot police.

Some reports also say demonstrators have taken over the headquarters of Kyrgyzstan television.

It is reported about 5,000 demonstrators had gathered outside the president’s office in Bishkek.

Numerous people have been arrested.

The protesters are demanding the resignation of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, with widespread complaints about his style of leadership.

Some opposition leaders are reported to have been detained this week.

President Bakiyev came to power in 2005, promising to tackle corruption.

The opposition claim he has done little to meet his promises and they are calling on him to sack his relatives from senior positions.

The country has been facing growing political unrest since March.