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Rescuers battle to save trapped miners in China

Rescuers battle to save trapped miners in China
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In China frantic rescue work continues in a bid to save miners trapped below ground. It’s believed up to 153 are caught in a flood that started on Sunday afternoon. Agency reports say just over 100 managed to escape.

Pipes were lowered into the mine shaft amidst desperate attempts to pump out the rising water clear of the emperiled workers below.

The state-owned mine almost 700 kilometres south west of Beijing was under construction and due to start production later this year.

Mei Boyun is a miner who has friends missing. “It’s impossible to get close to the trapped people, they are trapped about 1,000 metres below ground,” he said. “It was extremely difficult because there is just too much water, you can’t see anything down there.”

For the rescue workers it is a battle against time and an all too familiar sight in this region which is the biggest coal producing area in China.

The waiting relatives know the danger the miners have to face. Chinas’ mines are the deadliest in the world. Though the safety record has improved over 2,500 were killed last year. Its hoped those trapped in this mine will not add to those statistics.