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Moscow mourns after rush hour terrorist attack

Moscow mourns after rush hour terrorist attack
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Terrorism struck on the streets of Moscow on Monday morning. What started as a normal morning’s journey to work ended in tragedy. At least 38 people are dead, 64 left injured.

Helicopters were called into ferry the injured to hospital, sirens pierced the morning air. The carnage was caused – claim officials – by two female suicide bombers who had targeted the capital’s metro.

As ambulances raced through the streets, central Moscow was brought to a standstill. Fear and disbelief hung in the air.

Outside Lubyanka station – the scene of the first attack – there was shock. The very heart of Moscow’s metro system had been ripped open.

It was just before 8 o’clock local time when the first blast tore through Lubyanka station. 40 minutes later at the Park Kultury station there was the second explosion.

Platforms usually teeming with passengers were turned into makeshift morgues.

The trains were shattered in the blasts. It’s not known if the terrorists were on the trains or waiting with their deadly luggage on the platforms.

Amongst the smoke following the explosions many startled and bewildered commuters panicked. There was screaming while some said there was a stampede to get to the doors. Five and a half million passengers use this metro daily. It is one of the busiest in the world.

The awful injuries were caused by bombs packed, said the country’s top security official, with bolts and iron rods. The first explosion was close to Russia’s main domestic security service, the FSB. Airports were put on high alert, security in the City was tightened. Along with the suffering and the condemnation, the question remains how could the morning journey to work be shattered with such devastating consequences?