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Estonia newpapers protest with blank pages

Estonia newpapers protest with blank pages
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In Estonia the newspaper presses of the country’s six major dailies rolled out a surprise for their readers, blank pages.

Their action is in protest against proposed legislation which would compel journalists to reveal their sources. The draft bill is seen as a curb on press freedom that could lead to imprisonment especially in the field of investigative journalism.

Merit Kopli, Editor-in-Chief of Postimees explained the reasoning behind their protest.

“Estonia’s six major newspapers believe there is no alternative way to make politicians understand the draft ligislation is not good. It significantly inhibits the freedon of the press,” she said.

The Minister of Justice is the man behind the draft legislation. Rein Lang laughed off the protest believing it was pointless.

“Free newspapers are doing what they want. If they don’t have advertising they publish white pages. I would have covered the space with some information even the same story,” he said.

It is a story journalists in Estonia will naturally be following closely. The bill is expected to reach the full assembly at the start of April.