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Spain marks Madrid train bombings - six years on

Spain marks Madrid train bombings - six years on
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It was no ordinary journey to work for many in Madrid today. Thoughts turned to the rush-hour bombings exactly six years ago that killed nearly 200 people and injured almost 2,000 more.

Some paid tribute by carrying flowers onto the Spanish capital’s commuter rail system where packed trains exploded on March 11th 2004. The anniversary of the al-Qaeda inspired attacks was also being marked in parliament and at other formal ceremonies to remember those who died.

The near-simultaneous bombings sparked political turmoil as Spain’s then conservative government first pointed the finger of blame at ETA. But the focus quickly switched from armed Basque separatists to Islamist militants. An election days later was won by the Socialist opposition.

March 11 2010 is the sixth European Day dedicated to the Victims of Terrorism.