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Another day another strike in Greece

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Another day another strike in Greece
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Thousands of Greek public workers are expected to take part in a nationwide strike. The organisers say the general stoppage will be backed by private sector workers as anger over the government’s austerity package is widespread.

And everyone knows who to blame, or so one union representative told Euronews.

“The EU imposed measures on our country are socially unjust and they badly hit the workers and their rights. So our slogan and our reaction to these measures is: people and their needs are more important than markets,” said Stathis Anestis, executive committee of the Greek confederation of labour

Yesterday, striking refuse collectors held a mock funeral march illustrating their wish to bury the proposals to cut Greece’s massive deficit.

But opinion polls show that business leaders and independent workers do back the measures and frustration is growing over the number of stoppages.

By far the most unpopular government move has been the rise in VAT as this will hit the poorest in the country.

Polls show that most Greeks have accepted the need for sacrifices but they are waiting to be convinced the right people are being forced to make them.