Russian police force in human shield probe

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Russian police force in human shield probe

Russian police force in human shield probe
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Russia’s police force is back in the spotlight, once again for all the wrong reasons.

Prosecutors in Moscow are investigating claims officers used several drivers as human shields on a motorway to block a fleeing criminal.

One driver Sergei Sutyagin said: ‘‘An officer stopped me and told me to park my car on the fourth lane. A few minutes later I saw an Audi approaching. As I could not move, it rammed through, damaging my own car and two others.’‘

The drivers say police told them they were not entitled to compensation because the suspect and culprit of the accident had not been caught.

However, some in Russia’s parliament are demanding action against the officers involved.

Liberal Democrat Party MP Maxim Rokhmistrov said:

“These people should face criminal charges for this. All these reprimands are nonsense. They should be fired and be prosecuted because to knowingly put people in danger – and moreover, while in a position of authority – is a crime.”

The incident is just the latest in a string of scandals involving Russia’s police force.

Last month President Dmitry Medvedev fired several high-ranking commanders and told the rest to clean up their act following accusations of widespread corruption.

He promised tough measures to restore dwindling public confidence in the police.