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Top German school implicated in abuse scandal

Top German school implicated in abuse scandal
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Another child abuse scandal is in the German press. Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper says that up to 100 pupils at a school in Hesse may have been victims between 1971 and 1985.

Odenwaldschule is an elitist, private school with famous alumni like the writer, Klaus Mann.

The Deputy Principal, Uwe Koltzsch, can not rule out current abuse: “I can’t exclude it – how could I? I can only speak about my actions, and hope that children today are brought up to deal with these things more freely. To talk about these things with their parents or with others. But I can’t say there has been no abuse after 1985.”

Now the Vatican has released a statement distancing the Pope’s brother from another child abuse scandal in Germany. A reknowned cathedral choir, headed by Reverend Georg Ratzinger, has been linked to claims of abuse. But, the time in question does not coincide with his tenure.