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Twittering types forced to think twice

Twittering types forced to think twice
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Please Rob – the ideal research tool for would-be burglars looking for an easy night’s work, or even a bit of daylight robbery.

For the victims are sure to be out, their homes empty. How do we know? Because the target has been telling everyone what he or she is doing and where they are on social networking sights like Facebook and Twitter.

Barry Borsboom, co-creator of the Please Rob website said it all started as a but of fun: “Well, we wanted to first of all make some sort of joke out of it,” he said. “But when it turned out to be a bigger issue, like a more privacy issue, we wanted to make more of a statement out of it in a sort of provocative way.”

Euronews caught up with a couple of the social networkers listed on the Please Rob Me site. They were not hard to find.

Will Kardas said: “I don’t want to be that guy who’s on Please Rob Me but at the same time it’s good to know that this knowledge is getting passed about.”

Almitra Inocenio was sceptical. She said: “You never know. Maybe I have five rottweilers. Maybe I have guns up in my house. Maybe I have nine male room-mates who are in the Marines. There’s no saying.”

California’s silicon valley legal experts say it is unlikely Please Rob would be held accountable should someone on the site become a victim of burglary. You have been warned.