Turkey's President urges calm after crisis talks

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Turkey's President urges calm after crisis talks

Turkey's President urges calm after crisis talks
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Turkey’s President says strains between the government and military will be resolved
“responsibly” and in accordance with the law.

Abdullah Gul issued a statement after
crisis talks with the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and armed forces chief General Ilker Basbug.

The Prime Minister said the round-table discussion, lasting three hours, went “very well”.

Tensions between the ruling AK Party, which emerged from political Islam, and the fiercely secular military have been inflamed by an investigation into a coup plot.

Prosecutors have begun questioning former air force and navy chiefs, as well as the deputy head of the armed forces.

Twenty officers, including several admirals, have already been charged with plotting to overthrow the government in 2003.

Though serving military commanders have warned of a ‘serious situation’ the Prime Minister has scotched speculation the crisis will lead to an early election.

The military has ousted four Turkish administrations since 1960 – but European Union backed reforms have helped weaken the Generals, who once considered themselves guardians of the nation’s secular system.