Dispute deepens over Falklands oil plans

Dispute deepens over Falklands oil plans
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The dispute over plans to drill for oil near the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic is deepening.

Argentina says the British proposals amount to a violation of its national sovereignty.

Nearly 30 years after London and Buenos Aires went to war over the British-ruled territories, many Argentines are still angry. One military veteran said many of his comrades died to prove the islands belong to his country and so any natural resources found there should also be handed over to Argentina.

Britain insists UK firms are allowed to operate freely in the Falkands under international law.

Responding to claims that the navy had been put on
standby, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said all necessary precautions had been taken to protect the islands and their inhabitants.

In 1982, Britain sent a naval force and thousands of troops to reclaim the islands after Argentine forces occupied them. Around 650 Argentine soldiers
died in the ten-week conflict, along with 255 British soldiers.