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It's a man's life in the... Czech Energy Company

It's a man's life in the... Czech Energy Company
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A film that allegedly shows company staff training methods for a military-style debt recovery squad now accused of corruption is stirring the Czech Republic.

Police are demanding the state prosecutor act against 26 men in mighty Czech Energy’s NTZ “non-technical losses” department, that chases down illegal connections to the grid.

“We decided to do it in 2004 when several of our agents were threatened with guns. We left it to the experts, and with psychologists the agency offered special crisis situation training to staff,” said a company spokesman.

CEZ says its employees have done nothing wrong and insists it calls the police when it finds illegal use of the electricity supply. The police say the commandos have acted illegally, in 48 cases.

“They’re accused of a classic, textbook case of extortion,” says a representative of the victim’s association.

The story is blowing fuses all over the Czech media right now, and shows little sign of running out of juice with fresh shocks expected.