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Clinton goes home after heart op

Clinton goes home after heart op
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Former US President Bill Clinton has left hospital in New York following a successful heart procedure to open a blocked artery.

The 63-year-old underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 to free-up four clogged vessels.

Medics say they had to reopen one of the arteries from the original operation and there was no indication that he had suffered any cardiac damage.

The staff tending to Clinton say he will be able to return to work by Monday.

Dr Allen Schwartz said: “This was not a result of either his lifestyle or his diet which have been excellent. He’s exercised regularly, he’s in excellent condition as evidenced both by what he does and by objective testing, stress testing, his cholesterol numbers and other risk factors that we follow have been excellent.”

Bill Clinton has been working hard recently as UN special envoy to Haiti co-ordinating relief and recovery efforts.

In a recent interview Clinton spoke about his condition problem blaming it on genetic indications and a bad diet.