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MPs ordered to pay back expenses

MPs ordered to pay back expenses
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British MPs have been ordered to repay the equivalent of one and a quarter million euros in allowances after a review prompted by last year“s expenses scandal.

Sir Thomas Legg, the lawyer and former civil servant who carried out the review relating to politicians” second homes, described the system as “deeply flawed” and the rules as “vague”.

Opposition leaders said it was important to take a tough stance.

David Cameron, Conservative Party leader, said:
“I hope this is the beginning of the end of this whole dreadful chapter. What is absolutely essential is that MPs pay back all of the money which has been undentified. Those MPs who refuse to pay it back should have it taken off their salaries or off their redundancy payments, that’s got to happen. And in future we need a totally transparent system.”

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, said the scandal had outraged people: “It’s destroyed completely the trust between MPs and the public. And I think all MPs and especially new MPs in a new parliament and especially younger MPs from a new generation understand that the old ways simply can’t carry on.”

The MP who“s been ordered to repay the most money is the Labour junior minister Barbara Follett. She has been told to pay back more than 48 thousand euros after claiming for security patrols and six telephone lines.

The revelations of how MPs milked the system was deeply embarrassing for all three main parties ahead of this years general election.