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Aid groups want better access to Haiti victims

Aid groups want better access to Haiti victims
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Small aid organisations are calling for better ways to distribute aid to victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Desperate people in the town of Gressier blocked roads and seized vehicles after reports that relief trucks were not stopping on route to Leogane.

Small charities say the best way to help now is to keep distributions small and calm by making use of camp residents and local police.

For others the fight for food is fast being replaced by a struggle for paid work.

Dozens of people gathered outside the Agriculture Ministry amid rumours of job openings.

For the government, one of the best things people can do is move to other parts of the country to improve the chances of making Port-au-Prince less vulnerable.

Haiti President Rene Preval said: “We’re going to do everything we can to relieve the misery of the people of Port-au-Prince. But when it comes to reconstruction we must also equip the provinces in order to not make the same mistakes again.”

Meanwhile, fresh efforts are being made to reunite children with surviving relatives amid fears they may be vulnerable to traffickers.

The UN estimates there may be tens of thousands of children who lost at least one parent in the disaster.