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'Stop the War' demo at Afghan conference

'Stop the War' demo at Afghan conference
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Protestors opposed to the Afghan war and the Afghan conference demonstrated outside Lancaster House in London.

A small group called the ‘Stop the War Coalition’ claimed that the planned surge of American and allied troops will be a disaster for the Afghan people, saying there’s no chance for democratic, social and economic progress while foreign troops are being poured in.

Spokesman for the group, Chris Nineham, said: “It’s being promoted and billed as a peace conference, but in reality it’s a conference of war.”

They also oppose the international support for President Karzai’s government.

Another protestor said: “This conference is a colonial conference. It’s a conference that is planning the future of the Muslim world so the regime is still there, Karzai’s regime.”

The group are enraged that the international powers and the Karzai government are moving towards bringing moderate Taliban members back into government.