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Pinchuk Art Centre

Pinchuk Art Centre
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A new exhibition has opened at the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev, Ukraine. Indian artist Subodh Gupta and Ukrainian Sergey Bratkov are showing two parallel collections of their work entitled “Shifts in National Cultures”.

Says Subodh Gupta: “What I have always talked about is that art has only one language. And if we fit in that language, and people who love art and who understand art, they easily take the art made in any part of the world, and they understood very well.”

The exhibition includes photographs, videos, sculptures and installations.

Says Sergey Bratkov: “All of these photographs were taken in Ukraine and this probably reflects Ukraine’s contemporary face – with these girls, maybe with all that madness and stupidity which we are witnessing now. So this is probably the face of modern society.”

Political apathy and disenchantment is widespread in Ukraine, which has for years suffered the results of corruption, power-broking and in-fighting amongst its politicians.

Viktor Homenko, the editor of “Art in Ukraine” magazine says: “For Ukraine now, contemporary art is probably the only way to communicate with Europe and the outside world. We all think that it has to be either economy, politics or technology. Unfortunately, we can’t say anything new for Europe in economy or politics or in technology or industry. But we can do it in culture and art.”

The exhibition runs until 21st March.

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