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Berlin vows faster training of Afghan forces

Berlin vows faster training of Afghan forces
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Chancellor Angela Merkel has said German troops will speed up their training of Afghan security forces.

Her comments come amid opposition calls to set a timetable for German withdrawal.

But the US wants Berlin to send more troops to Afghanistan.

That’s unlikely to find much support from Germans, who according to opinion polls want their soldiers home.

“Germany is chiefly engaged in northern Afghanistan, and that is where we will fulfil our training commitment, in a speedier and more concentrated manner than previously.”

“Whatsmore, it is important that Afghans feel they are taking responsiblity for their own security. Step by step, the rebuilding work will also improve.

Merkel will detail her strategy for Afghanistan to lawmakers on Wednesday. Any further deployments require the approval of parliament, according to German law.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is set to host an international conference on Afghanistan this Thursday.