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Spain seeks to boost gender equality in Europe

Spain seeks to boost gender equality in Europe
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A pioneering country in the fight against domestic violence, Spain wants to make it a political priority for Europe.

Spanish society’s approach to a scourge that was once taboo has radically changed. Now, tackling the problem at all levels has become an affair of state.

Over recent years, steps taken include the creation of special courts. Radio panic buttons have been handed out to those at risk to ensure they can get help immediately.

Madrid now wants the EU as a whole to follow its example, notably with two key measures: – A European Protection Order, helping safeguard victims from harm, even when they have crossed a national border. – And an EU-wide Free Phone Number, 116 016, that victims can call for help.

But it does not end there. Madrid also wants to promote gender equality in the workplace, seeking parity at all levels including salaries, jobs and management posts.