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Johnny Depp at the Kustendorf festival

Johnny Depp at the Kustendorf festival
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Johnny Depp was the guest of honour at the Kustendorf Film and Music Festival in Serbia this year. The festival was organised by film-maker Emir Kusturica with whom Depp made Arizona Dream back in the early 90s.

Says Johnny Depp: “When I met Emir, when we started to work together, to collaborate together, to investigate possibilities in scenes together, there was a similarity, a connexion. He is a great artist, a great friend and like a brother to me, but like a great mentor in other words. He’s great, he has a lot of knowledge, not even just within in a room of cinema. He has a lot of knowledge just in life, he’s a very savy individual.”

Kusturica and Depp are now planning a new film together about Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa to be shot in Serbia and Spain next year.

Says Depp: “I’m excited to do anything with Emir but certainly the opportunity to play such an amazing historical figure… this beautiful revolutionary! I’m honoured that Emir chose me.”

Depp tends to alternate Hollywood blockbusters with more quirky films by directors like Jim Jarmush, Tim Burton, Roman Polanski and Terry Gilliam. He lives in France.

Says Depp: “Advantages of living in France are number one it gave an healthy perspective on Los Angeles, it allowed me to see Los Angeles in a different light whereas before when I’ve been in that soup bowl you know, for all these years I couldn’t get perspective on the game, on the animal that is Hollywood.”

Johnny Depp will soon be on screen in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”, and another Pirates of the Caribbean is on the cards too. In the meantime, he’s happy to talk to the press, meet his fans and pose for photos…