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Haiti quake survivors defy the odds

Haiti quake survivors defy the odds
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Amid the pain and suffering in earthquake-hit Haiti, there are some miraculous stories emerging of those who defied deadly odds in their battle for survival.

Eight days after the quake struck the Caribbean island, an American rescue team pulled 12-year-old Santina Joacoin and her 7-year-old brother Moses out of the rubble alive.

This Israeli doctor described their rescue as a “miracle.”

“I cannot explain medically or physiologically how it’s happened. Maybe it’s a miracle. Someone upstairs loves them very much.

Search teams and locals have managed to pull some 120 people out alive. One of those was 2-year-old Mia, who was trapped when her kindergarten school crumbled and collapsed in Port-au-Prince.

Her cries could be heard underneath the rubble as her British rescuers, still without proper equipment, scrambled to set her free.

Mia’s mother has stayed by where the kindergarten used to stand for several days, trying to reassure her daughter.

“Don’t cry dear,” she says as the team cut through the wreckage with borrowed hacksaws.

As the British team pull Mia from the decimated building, she appears visibly exhausted and frightened after her ordeal.

Yet she is one of the lucky ones. Officials estimate up to 200,000 people have died in the disaster – making a story like Mia’s all the more miraculous.