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Security problems in Haiti

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Security problems in Haiti
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It is meant to bring relief to the people of torn Haiti, thousands of tonnes of desperately needed disaster relief supplies. Instead it has created a new and alarming problem, maintaining security.

A makeshift barrier is meant to provide some order as refugees wait for hand outs, boxes of rations and high energy biscuits.

Desperation leads to tension, anger spills over as troops from the United States army grapple with the chaos. It has become the front line in the battle to provide aid.

“Most people here don’t get any food” explains one survivor. “People start fighting,it’s complete disorder.”

UN peacekeepers at one distribution point struggled in their aim to hand out ration packs. Attempts at creating some order were literally swept away. The crowd grew more and more agressive, the peacekeepers were forced to abandon their work. All that was left for the hungry were empty boxes.

The warehouses are filling up and hope remains that aid, from countries across the world will get to the needy with claims the pace of delivery is picking up as Alejandro Lopez Chicheri of the World Food Programme expklined.

“We reached over 10,000 people yesterday. Today we are increasing the distribution to reach 39,000. We are going to try to continue increasing it until we reach 60,000 a day receiving aid. You have to understand the situation is very difficult because the country is collapsed. The city is virtually destroyed and there are many roads that are practically impassable.”

The images of looting in an affluent part of the capital is a stark reminder of how security has become a real and urgent issue in the world’s response to this catasrophe.