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Euronews eyewitness report from Haiti

Euronews eyewitness report from Haiti
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“Hello Luis Carballo our special correspondant on the ground.

“Is it possible that the situation can get worse what is your feeling about the anger of the population?”

“We will see in the next hours or days but of course there are absolutely all the conditions for an explosion of violence. Its clear the situation, five days after the earthquake, is chaotic. Nothing works in Port-au-Prince. Here is where all the rescue work is concentrated as well as the distribution of humanitarian aid.

“You can imagine what the rest of the country looks like. The areas surrounding the capital that were also hit by the quake even more strongly than the Port au Prince, for example 15 or 20 kilometres from here some villages are 90% destroyed.

“According to our information not one single truck with aid has arrived yet. Even here in Port au Prince as soon as you leave the centre you find exactly the same.

“People are losing their nerve in this situation. It is very difficult, it is also very hot. The smell is unbearable in a large area of the city. There is an unbelievable stench of corpses. There is no water, no food, it is chaos.

“It’s possible violence could break out amongst the people, personally because of what people have been telling me I could not rule it out.”

Question: “What have the Haitians you have met been telling you?”

“Yesterday we visited one of the worst hit areas about four kilometres from the centre of Port au Prince. We went on our own without any security or in convoy. We got there. We were the first Westerners, in fact the first foreigners to be seen there. They told us they are having a hard time, they don’t have anything. Humaitarian aid did not reach them, not even one single bottle of water which by the way we ourelves took to them.

“The Haitian people are used to tragic events they are a stoical community. Personally what I am seeing is a lot of dignity, but the situation is very difficult and they are suffering a lot.”