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Haiti's medical crisis

Haiti's medical crisis
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This is the grim reality for many Haitians caught up in the disaster. 
These victims, however, are arguably luckier than most, able to get at least some treatment. 
Even so, at this facility about 100 kilometres from the Haitian capital, the lack of medical supplies is critical and costing lives.
Haiti’s Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive is pleading for international help: “We are going to need water, food and medicine, because there are a lot of people injured and we have not yet found all those people buried under their houses and as we continue with this work we will need a lot of medication and a lot of help,” he said.  
The complete collapse of resources in Haiti has resulted in hundreds of people crossing the border to the neighbouring Dominican Republic to get care.
Broken bones, head injuries, and respiratory problems from dust are the biggest immediate health threats.