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Berlusconi returns to work after attack

Berlusconi returns to work after attack
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It is back to business for Silvio Berlusconi.

The Italian Prime Minister has resumed work in Rome, almost a month after a brutal attack left his nose and two teeth broken.

Bearing no outward signs of the assault, the 73-year-old media tycoon looked to be enjoying his return to the political stage. He thanked supporters who had turned out to welcome him outside his residence and seemed keen to get on with matters of government.

Denying that plans to overhaul the legal system are aimed at stopping trials against him, Berlusconi shifted the focus to fiscal reform.

“We have had really good ideas,” he told reporters. “I think it is indispensable to modernise the country. That is why it is worth us all working on it.”

The premier has largely stayed out of the public gaze since a statuette was hurled at him by a mentally-unstable man in Milan. In the wake of the attack, Berlusconi has been riding on a wave of public sympathy.