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Security scares disrupt air travel

Security scares disrupt air travel
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Police at London’s Heathrow Airport have arrested three men aboard an Emirates airliner bound for Dubai.

That is after they made a bomb threat, which police believe may have been an ill judged prank.

It was the latest in a string of security incidents to follow the failed Christmas Day attack on a US-bound airliner.

On Friday F16 jets were scrambled to intercept an AirTran domestic flight bound for San Francisco.
A drunken man caused alarm when he refused to take his seat and locked himself in the bathroom.

Passengers say they were unnerved by the incident.

“It was basically just an unruly passenger. Came out of the bathroom with no socks and no shoes with a razor in his hand and had everybody kind of spooked,” one passenger said.

In a separate development, the man who triggered a security scare at Newark’s International Airport has been arrested. Haisong Jiang slipped into a secure area last Sunday to give his girlfriend a goodbye kiss.

The breach forced the airport to shut down for several hours, delaying thousands of passengers.
The man’s been charged with trespassing and could face up to a month behind bars.