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Londoners face public transport price hike

Londoners face public transport price hike
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The millions of people who had to return to work in London by public transport today had another reason to grumble on top of extensive delays.

Bus and metro train fares have gone up by as much as 20 percent. The congestion charge for entering parts of the capital by car at certain hours is also set to rise.

The measures are expected to raise more than 150-million euros for the Conservative run city’s transport network.

But some passengers feel they are being exploited.

“Yes it does make a difference – 20p really does, especially when you’re not in pocket,” said one disgruntled commuter.

But others were more sympathetic: “I think it’s a difficult call for London Underground, they need their income but it’s pretty harsh on the start of 2010,” said another traveller.

Rail and transport unions have attacked the fare increases as “reckless”, accusing London’s Mayor Boris Johnson of forcing passengers to pay more for the 3.5 billion euro shortfall in the transport budget.