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Iran hits back at critics of crackdown

Iran hits back at critics of crackdown
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As new amateur footage emerges of Iran’s crackdown on anti-government protesters over the weekend, the leadership has hit back at critics.

Numerous opposition figures have been rounded up after the clashes, which officials say left at least eight people dead and dozens more injured.

Iran’s parliamentary speaker called on the security forces to arrest what he calls the “blasphemers”, saying harsh sentences with “no forgiveness” should be imposed.

As further pro-government rallies were organised in the capital, Ali Larijani also slammed the US over its condemnation of the crackdown on protesters.

Many Western countries have strongly criticised the Iranian government, and Iranians in exile have also been speaking out.

Filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf said: “We believe the demonstrations will continue, a strike will start, and the people are more serious (about continuing) to destroy this regime.”

A supporter of Iranian opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi, the filmmaker says every new crackdown by the regime makes the nation more angry. Demonstrations by Iranian exiles are taking place in numerous cities around the world.