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Philippines volcano to erupt 'anytime'

Philippines volcano to erupt 'anytime'
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The most active volcano in the Philippines is rumbling and shooting ash columns high into the air as the authorities warn of a potential hazardous eruption at any time.

The cone shaped Mount Mayon has been spewing ash and burning mud and rocks for more than a week and 50,000 people have been relocated.

Householder Gina Perez siad: “We are scared and nervous. We don’t know, it might just explode. We are on alert level four.”

Level four means a hazardous eruption is imminent. Level five signals an eruption is underway.

Mayon is the most active of 22 volcanoes in the country, having erupted more than 50 times in the last four centuries, the most destructive eruption was in 1814 when a lava flow buried an entire town and killed 1200 people.

During the night lava fountains reached as high as 500 metres with lava flowing up to five kilometres along gullies at the volcano’s base.

Troops have been evacuating stragglers from an eight kilometre no-go zone around Mount Mayon.