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Dozens missing after Egyptian ferry collision

Dozens missing after Egyptian ferry collision
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Up to 38 people are missing in Egypt after two passenger ferries collided on the river Nile. One of the vessels broke in half, and the other – which was carrying both foot passengers and cars – overturned.

The two ferries were both bound for the northern city of Rashid. Officials say the accident happened close to their destination. Rescue services say at least 12 people survived, though there are conflicting reports on the number of missing. One survivor said: “We saw two boats racing each other. One of them crashed into the ferry we were on. The deck and the other boat crashed into the ferry, and it split in half. A woman pulled my hand, and a man rescued my daughter.” Survivors reported deaths among the passengers, saying there were many people on board. It is not unusual for Egypt’s ferries to be crowded, but authorities do not always record passenger numbers, making it difficult to establish exactly how many people are missing.