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Climate Express steams to Copenhagen

Climate Express steams to Copenhagen
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Environmentalists have been letting the train take the strain on their way to the historic global warming summit in Copenhagen.

400 eco-passengers gathered on the platform in Brussels to catch the Climate Express; among them: business leaders, campaigners, ministers and EU delegates. A pair of Spanish cyclists were testing out inter-continental pedal power and loco power. “We started in Madrid and have come through Barcelona, heading north to Paris and Brussels by bike and train,” said one. Her partner added: “We’re in the process of finding out if it’s possible to go all the way to Copenhagen with bikes on a train because in some countries it’s not obvious.” And some campaigners had their own specific message for the world leaders: “Apa and I are both sherpas from Nepal and we’re here to talk about the Himalayas and how the Himalayas are suffering due to climate change. We want the leaders in Copenhagen to realise that the Himalayas are just as important for the climate agenda.” “I’m a professional extreme-skier,” said Alison Garnet. “I jump off cliffs for a living, but I’m also a global-warming/global-cooling solutions consultant. So I wanted to raise awareness to the importance of our snow.” As many as 190 countries will be at the Copenhagen summit which begins on Monday, and is intended to put the brakes on global warming. But disagreements between rich and developing nations, and the sheer scale of the measures needed to tackle climate change mean it will be no easy ride.